Tales of FoodnI


Hey! Have you heard of any company without employees? Why because I haven’t heard of a single one so far. You can hear the companies’ tales by searching in the Internet, but you wouldn’t have heard the stories of every individual working in it.

The best perks of working in startups are you can tell your own tale bud! And I am for once glad I am working in one. Imagine a small group of “unlike minds” working on a single vision, trying to churn new ideas to make the vision work with lots of buzz, flare, emotions, dedication and the best part, wait for it “FUN”!. OH BOY!! I can say it’s my definition of work.

Coming to the Point, this joint is filled with tales of the unsung heroes of FoodnI….


Vikas Chandra
Ravi Kumar
Raj Kiran
Sunish Jain