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Gary David Goldberg an American writer and a producer best known for his work on Family Ties, Spin City once quoted “It takes a lot of people to make a winning team. Everybody's contribution is important.” and it's absolutely true when it comes to a startup.
Jangaiah (jango) from our office is one such example whose contribution helps us to be the “winning team.” Jango is our office boy, who takes care of our day to day needs. Be it cleaning and maintaining the office, serving us with food and beverages, doing office purchases and deliveries and what not. You give him any task he does it with a “smile”.
We at Food n I call him our office manager, because without his contribution at work our productivity percentage comes down drastically, and he always makes sure that we stay productive. So let's hear what Jango has to say about his journey.

Jango, How did Food n I and you happen? Tell me your story?

I got to know about FnI through my friend who work in the same office building. He told that Food n I was looking for an office boy. I took the opportunity, met the management and exhibited my interest in working here, which got me the job. Previously I was working in the hotel industry and desired to work in a corporate environment for change. That's how Food n I happened.

What interests this manager to working at Food n I?

As mentioned earlier I wanted to work in corporate company, and FnI is fulfilling this wish, the job is good and it keeps me busy. The staff treats me well and always considered me as part of their team, when I joined I was a office boy but today management trusts my capabilities and directs few minor operation works towards me. I am able to learn new skills and the staff appreciates my effort, and this interests me in working at Food n I.

Jango narrate your typical day at work?

My typical days work consist of cleaning and setting up of office, providing tea and coffee arranging lunch or snacks to the staff, doing dishes and much more. Apart from these daily work I sometime do minor operation works like doing deliveries, submitting invoices and office purchases. Like I said my work keeps me full.

Your experience, that you want to share with others?

My experience at Food n I is very nice, I am treated well and I am respected by the staff, I get to learn new skills and look into operation works. I went to movies and team outings (to have fun) and I am always involved in all the celebrations. I am given liberty to voice my opinion, they stood by me in thick and thin. In shot, I am enjoying working at Food n I.

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