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Raj Kiran-RK


It’s little similar to Charles Strouse famous Superman Song “is he a nerd? Is he a geek? No he is Raj Kiran, a tech savvy man. Many should be familiar with the word “Tech Savvy” but for those who are not; the internet defines it as “well informed about or proficient in the use of modern technology, especially computers”. Now if you’re wondering what does “tech Savviness” has to do with Foodni?Well for starters we are Food Tech Company with our own tech team, and within that team we have this guy who is filled with “tech savviness” no witticism intended. Let it be latest software’s, or latest hardware maybe even latest games this guy knows it all. Raj Kiran (Raj).

Raj joined Foodni as an intern and worked his way put to full time employee. He is a quiet, calm and gleeful person but when it comes to work he is dedicated, hardworking and aggressive. Currently he is an Associate Software Engineer working on R&D, Testing & coding. Apart from this he is a soccer buff and a diehard fan of Chelsea F.C.Let’s unravel Raj’s Story at Foodni.

So Raj, how did you join Foodni?

I was in my final year& I had a major project for which I was looking for an internship, therefore I approached my placement office and got the contact details of Foodni. Igave a ring to inquire about internship program “which was a hit”!I had a small telephonic conversation with the management and was later called for personal interview.

It was a long interview but I cracked it, I found out that there was lot of scope for learning and gain knowledge in the technology front so I accepted the offer. Within a week of joining I started enjoying my work and the office environment as the people working here were very friendly and welcoming.

To conclude, I joined Foodni because it was a Start Up, and had lot of technological scope as I had and still have a very keen interest in technology.

What motivates you to work with Foodni?

I am constantly upgrading myself here; I am currently working on multiple projects and contributing my ideas indeveloping them. The biggest catch is that the knowledge that I am building not only improves my technical skills but also helps me understand its implementation on business. So, it’s an overall development that inspires me to work hard. My ideas are valued, I am challenged to be creative and be productive. To top that my colleagues are the driving force motivating me to improve myself.

What’s your typical day at work?

I do a lot of R&D from the company (technology related), by research I mean keeping myself up to date with latest trends and technologies in the market, research on latest concepts, applications which can fruitful for my company, and based on that creating a design or concept that will help the company in long run. Apart from R&D, I do lot of software testing and coding. As we are “Technology as a Service” company we have our Applications in place, I make sure to test them regularly to keep it bugs free.

Advice to the fresher’s joining startup as tech interns/employees?

I would advise the fresher’s to use this opportunity to the Maximum, as startup enables you to learn and implement new skills and knowledge. Be open to change, be creative, and be productive. You will learn a lot.

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