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Ravi Kumar. RV


We Indians have this feverish intensity and arcane love for cricket. When India's national side plays a big game, everyone is glued to Television, or other devices. We had a former Indian cricketer whose name is known all over the cricketing world as “Mr. Dependable” now I know! Many would have guessed it, but for those who couldn’t its Rahul Dravid. He is known for his dependency, discipline and technique.
If you are wondering, what cricket has to do with employee’s tale. Well! a lot actually. We have this bloke in our office whom we call “Mr. Dependable” he is a sound cricketer or was! but an adept operations manager with license to perform under pressure he is “Mr. Ravi Kumar/RV.”
RV has lot of experience under his belt he is a veteran, who had worked in Hotel Line for more than a decade. So let's unravel this cricketers journey.

So Sir, Mr Dependable what led you to Food n I?

I had been in hotel industry for 14 Years and wanted to seek new prospects in life & career, and FoodnI made it happen, for me fni was a well-planned decision, I had known the company and its management for some time and as i had personally executed there multiple orders, when I was working at "Lime The Squeeze" who are Fni’s partner and that helped me in maintain a good rapport.
When I got to know that there were opportunities waiting for me at Foodni, without a doubt I took those opportunity. For me the concept looked new, opportunity looked inspiring, work challenging and best part, I get to polish my skills and work with an upcoming company which has a completely different approach. Because a dependable cricketer needs to be an “all rounder.”

What excites you and motivates to work at Fni?

My expertise lie around food and food related services, and I had been an hotelier for a long time. I wanted change but in the same line of work, and then Foodni happened. The work was different, concept was different and the scope was huge. The work I do here is more of designing, conceptualizing and framing various food menus, managing food courts. Well I am yet to get into the groove but I like the buzz of the work. Apart from that I get to do lot of operational work and food events. This motivates me to work here. Like I said earlier I want to polish and learn new skills and I get every opportunity to do it here.

How would you describe your daily net practice sessions?

My net practice is, majority of operational work, such as operational support to merchants and clients, managing corporate caterings, and lot more. I work with our vending partner's day in and day out to make sure operations run smoothly. I design and conceptualize menus for packed food services, corporate caterings and events, apart from that I scout for new merchants who can cater to Fni Standards. Also, I am constantly in connect with the clients to provide them the best service they desire for, well thats my typical day.

Any Advice you would like to give to the novice joining Camp Nou?

Have an open mind, get into all the departments and work, have a basic knowledge and understanding of every department. Most importantly be humble as no job is big or small, do what is given to you and what has to be done. Rest will fall in line. In short be an “all rounder.”

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