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Sunish Jain-SJ


Albert Einstein says! “The important thing is not to stop questioning” and I concur because Sunish Jain (Sj) follows the mentioned quote to the “T”. Be it small or big he will ask question till he understands it completely, he always seeks improvement and will go an extra mile to improve himself.
It is safe to say that Sunish Jain is an inquisitive person. He has always shown a great enthusiasm in learning new things and implementing them in day to day life. He works hard and makes sure he prepares well to face any challenge in his domain or new ones, and hits at it head on and conquers it in right spirit. Apart from inquisitive personality he is jovial and high spirited person, who is friendly and will help his colleagues if they need his help. He has started his journey as an intern and now is an Associate Software Engineer at Foodni; let’s hear what he has to say about his journey at Foodni.

Sunish how did Foodni happen to you?

I was in final year I was looking for internship and went to my placement coordinator in search of an internship he gave me the number of Foodni Management. I tried the number but couldn’t connect on first few attempts; at that time I was also trying other places where I could get an internship. I gave another shot calling the management and luckily they picked the call, we had a short but effective conversation where I was asked about my MCA course and if any projects or work I have done so far. After the conversation they have asked me to meet in person and then continue this conversation further.

We met in person in December; it was more of an interactive session than an interview. They asked about the projects that I have done so far, in details with a presentation; I was informed that I was selected as an Intern and got my Internship offer letter. In that span of 3 months I have learned more about business and market apart my IT which was my domain. Based on my work as an intern the company offered me a job even before the finish of my Internship. I took the offer without any hesitations as I knew I would learn and grow with a tremendous speed by working here.

What drives you to work at Foodni?

People working in Foodni, motivates me to work hard. Let it be a higher up or a colleague they work hard, and any task given to them they own that piece of work and get it to closure. Team here work in every department and has the knowledge about those departments, for me it’s the idea of overall development that inspires me to work hear. Apart from this we are given ample liberty to work at our pace with complete freedom, all we need to do is t to make sure that the end goal is achieved. The knowledge hear is free flowing and this is what I love about Foodni, every day I am inspired and motivated to improve myself and reach the next stage.

How do you spend your day at Foodni?

I work consist of coding, creating proportional images for the projects and a lot more. To elaborate we have specific works assigned and we work on those task until anything of high importance comes on to the platter, right now we are working on multiple projects, and my role in that projects is to do lot of coding and R&D and another most important task I have to do is testing the code or app again and again so that they are glitch free. Apart from technology role, I help the ops team in creating art works and art banners for marketing. Mostly I am learning and working simultaneously every day, and this is my pretty much my typical day at work.

Advices you want give to a fresher?

Come with and open mind and open hands, because hear we give importance to knowledge and work attitude than the experience in hand. It’s the individual’s potential and attitude towards the work that will take you to the top.
An startup is an holy grail for knowledge workers and seekers, therefore anyone how wants to gain knowledge not just in his domain but also in various fields will enjoy working here, you will learn to be creative, learn the art and science of problem solving, prioritization and most importantly the positive attitude towards work.

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