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Vikas Chandra VC


Have you seen Arnold’s movie “The Commando”? Where Matrix (Arnie) single handedly trashes the entire army of private goons to save his daughter he was a one man army dude. Same way Mr. Vikas Chandra is known as one man army of “Food n i – [FnI]”. He once used to single handedly take care of major Departments of FnI, be it looking in to accounts, day to day operations, or administrative work, even now he takes care of above departments but now commando has some help. If you need any help he is the go to guy. In short He is The Hitchhiker’s Guide to FoodnI FnI. No pun intended. Vikas pretty much knows everything that’s to be known of FoodnI. He is the FnI Veteran, who has been with Foodni from inception days. Let’s unfold VC’s tale at FnI.

VC what’s your chronicle what led you to Food n i?

My tale at FnI was like a Bollywood movie plot of 90es, a story of a hero turning the tides from rags to riches. Well riches are yet to come, but no sweat it will eventually turn up I know. A Chef from FnI vouched for my job, in the initial days I worked as a housekeeper later, because of my interest and desire to learn I started involving myself in all the departments and thanks to this interest I was able to learn new things, which my management recognized and gave more responsibilities to handle, like setting up menu, looking into accounts, managing back office work, managing catering order operations.

My workflow increased, responsibilities doubled from taking care of restaurant walk-in guests to corporate hi-profile teams serving them at their campuses. I started pitching myself to corporates. In-fact my first client was ICICI where I had an opportunity to interact with their top executives and took care of business catering order. I consider this as a turning point. I was able to understand the pulse of the client, their requirements, limitations, expectations and much more. I learned and understood the importance of Corporate Etiquette. It was like a ride on highway, presenting to corporate clients, executed orders, and within no time I was totally involved into corporate hospitality.

I am thankful to my ‘Food n i’ restaurant days. Best part of working in FnI restaurant days was that we were never restricted to do the work which was designated to us; we were given the opportunity to learn and involve ourselves in other departments. Same thing continued in what we call FnI reincarnation as a company, and I had maintained good rapport with Management and the clients with how I dealt in the past it paved my path towards Foodni again. Also I had the desire to learn and understand how a Food Tech company runs, and here I am working at FnI version 2. Like I said a movie plot, Job where I can work and enjoy, found love of my life and best part I am enjoying what I do.

What excites you? What motivates this Hero to Go On?

This hero is always motivated;it’s a new adventure every day, new challenges, new solutions to old problems or new ones, new orders etc. Basically every day is a new learning for me. As mentioned earlier I wanted to understand how Food Tech Company is run, in past 2 years of what I saw it, now I feel we can do many more things in coming days to solve our customer pain points more efficiently. In short what excites me to work here is freedom, knowledge, growth, love and adventure. These are the qualities what transpires in heroes making “Laughing”!

Does this hero have a typical day at work?

There is no “typical” workday here “Laughing”! I have my hand in all the departments be it operations, accounts, or administration, I always have a new task adding to my “to do list”, its directors cut. No complaints from my end “laughing”! What is typical is that it’s not a typical job! Pun intended. Or probably my typical day would be looking into day to day operations, talking to clients, looking into finances with a new zing every day.

Any advice you would like to give to the upcoming biggies?

In a startup environment it’s important to be systematic and disciplined, even the minutest detail count. Plan your work and bring it to logical closure, most important quality one must possess is to be “openminded” and should have the willingness to learn and voluntary do any task given to him.The amount of knowledge a person can gain in startup is vast and there is nothing compared to it.

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